Sales and margins not increasing to your expectations? Or are they actually declining? Maybe your sales are increasing but your margins are declining? What could be the reason?  Stop blaming it all on the "worldwide economic crisis" , bad weather conditions or the generics. You do not have to accept your situation. It can be changed. Ask yourself these questions........
  • Is it possible that you are actually loosing profits by continuing to sell some of your products or services?
  • Are you loosing opportunities because of market complexities? Do you suffer from "paralysis by analysis"?
  • Do you have several strategic options that are actually frustrating  you to make any move?
  • How do you know which option will bring you the greatest return in the shortest time?
  • Is it possible your growth is limited because you have interdepartmental conflicts and lack one vision?

Raja Mahendran International Strategic Business Consultant and Executive Coach
Diagnoses  companies and strategically analyzes markets in Life Science, Animal Health, Biotech, Crop Protection, Chemicals and Pest Management to develop creative and innovative strategies that maximize sales and margins even in turbulent times. The implementation of the strategies result in powerful branding, strong strategic positioning, rapid market development and dynamic teams.

International Strategic
Business Consultant & Executive Coach
Raja Mahendran
+ 41 . 76 . 5497 . 661                     We are Australian, headquartered in Switzerland and operating Worldwide     
Expanding overseas? Invest in
  • Facilitate smooth transition of new managers to leadership
  • Build skills to lead cross-functional and cross-cultural teams
  • Innovate your product range, your services, your marketing
  • Identify and solve any of your business problems
  • Analyze the complex and simplify to focus on the important business
  • Increase your company's  productivity and margins
  • Train  staff to communicate better, delight customers and boost sales
  • Find Business Partners worldwide to penetrate international markets

  • Diagnose your business and maximize sales and margins
  • Maximize your market opportunities resulting in faster growth
  • Gain consumer insights to target and influence the market
  • Build powerful brands and make a strong impact in the market
  • Drive the market - be "market driving" and not just market driven
  • Increase sales beyond market growth and the competition
  • Leverage resources, minimize costs and maximize your margins
  • Coach your managers to become dynamic  leaders of influence
Raja Mahendran International Strategic Business Consultant, Reinach, Switzerland +41765497661 e-mail click here
Your challenge
Sales growth?
Market complexities?
Strategy frustrations?
Team conflicts?
The Solution
Company Diagnosis
Simplify the complex
Prioritize strategies
Empower Vision